Scumbag Press was formed in 2021 in Hastings, England by myself, poet Martin Appleby. I had been publishing Paper and Ink Literary Zine since 2013, and alongside the zine had published several chapbooks as well as a serialised novel. I decided to bring all my publishing endeavours under one roof and thus, the press was born.

Since launching, I have published twenty chapbooks (and counting), and whilst Paper and Ink Literary Zine is not published as frequently as it once was, it is still an important part of the press - having celebrated its tenth birthday in 2023.

As you may glean from the tagline, "D.I.Y LO-FI PUNK ROCK PUBLISHING", the punk ethos of doing it yourself and doing it your own way is key to how I run the press. It is not run for profit, simply for the love of doing it. There are no thrills and no airs or graces, it is about getting the word out there.

Scumbag Press does not tolerate hate, racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. In the words of Dead Kennedys: "NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF!"